Site Based Engineering Teams

Site based engineering teams are a key part of our ability to provide client-specific solutions. By allowing our engineers to gain a knowledge of the client infrastructure, it allows us to provide the best possible advice on maintenance, statutory compliance, project delivery and energy management.

The presence of these teams has been invaluable for a number of our clients, where they serve a number of purposes. By having dedicated site teams, we are able to survey, quote and organise works within hours where required, as well as providing emergency cover and disaster recovery services. Our reputation is highly regarded, especially on Canary Wharf where we have our biggest presence 24/7 and one large UK financial institution client calling us the 4th emergency service.

Our vast range of tradesmen and ability to collaborate put us in a strong position to assist in most situations.


Site Based Engineering and Support Teams


4 Aug 2021

Commercial Spaces

HMLR Lighting Replacement Project

15 Jun 2021

Data Centres

Toltec UPS Recommissioning

1 May 2021

Commercial Spaces

Trader Floor Pan Assembly Faults

30 Nov 2020

Commercial Spaces

Infrastructure Upgrade

31 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Riverbank House Lift Lobby Lighting

15 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Touchless Washroom

28 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Wembley Stadium LV Infrastructure

10 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Heating System Replacement

4 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Electrical Testing - Large Financial Client

2 Jul 2020

Commercial Spaces

AHU / VAV Overhaul

17 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Strip Out Works

14 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Porsche EV Supercharger