Dilapidations and Consolidations

Metropolitan has carried out dilapidation and consolidation works ever since our inception. This has been driven by our in-house technical maintenance teams who understand the clients services and requirements. These are often reactive projects which are carried out outside of normal working hours for minimal disruption of the clients operations.

Over the years, many variables have changed the way our office spaces are laid out, with a move years ago to consolidate more staff into what was considered wasted floor space, then more recently, work spaces have become more spread out ‘hot desks’ with collaboration spaces. We are now seeing a forced change to move staff further apart due to the current global pandemic.

Our services involve survey, architectural space planning, final design, construction and correct certification of all of the works. Projects often require reconfiguration of M&E services, as well as partitions and finishes but can also include addition of further services, requiring confirmation that the client infrastructure is able to support the proposed layout. Metropolitan are often appointed as Main Contractor / Principal Contractor / Principal Designer for these types of works, to allow us to manage all of the specialist services also involved such as sprinklers, fire alarms, IT, AV and Furniture.


Dilapidations & Consolidations


Collaboration Spaces


4 Aug 2021

Commercial Spaces

HMLR Lighting Replacement Project

15 Jun 2021

Data Centres

Toltec UPS Recommissioning

1 May 2021

Commercial Spaces

Trader Floor Pan Assembly Faults

30 Nov 2020

Commercial Spaces

Infrastructure Upgrade

31 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Riverbank House Lift Lobby Lighting

15 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Touchless Washroom

28 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Wembley Stadium LV Infrastructure

10 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Heating System Replacement

4 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Electrical Testing - Large Financial Client

2 Jul 2020

Commercial Spaces

AHU / VAV Overhaul

17 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Strip Out Works

14 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Porsche EV Supercharger