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Timber & Wood Partitions

Creating warmth and a sense of class, wood or timber partitions can be used to bring a more traditional look into an office space. They’re natural finish and design also lends them to more modern office spaces, too, meaning they’ve been a staple in the office fit-out and design industry for years. Depending on the finish you’re looking for, these partitioning walls are also available in a variety of finishes – from solid wood to veneer finished MDF.

They can look at-home just about anywhere – from reception areas to boardrooms, conference rooms, or the general office environment. With plenty of popular wood options to choose from such as oak, beech, maple and cherry to name a few, there’s a finish that can fit into any office design.

What’s more, non-load bearing timber partitions come with timber-faced trims, glazing sections, door frames and skirting, making them easy to demount and relocate to any other position in the office.

Combination glazing

However, the true value of timber partitioning systems is that they’re not restricted to ‘full wood’. For example, solid partitions and can be combined with glazing to give a brighter feel to a room. These systems are fantastic for creating soundproof environments, with solid systems able to provide a soundproof rating of up to 52 dB (Rw), and those with glazing reaching 40 dB (Rw).

Fire safety

One of the biggest concerns in office and commercial environments is fire safety, and it’s important that your building is compliant with strict building regulations. This is where fire-proof office partitions are a necessity. They can help to contain a fire to one area and limit the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases. Solid timber partitions can actually provide a fire rating of up to 60 minutes, while those combined with either single or double-glazed elements stand at around 57 minutes.

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