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Glass Partitions

It’s common to find professional offices and corporate buildings incorporating more glass features into their workspaces for that touch of modernity. It’s easy to see why: it looks superbly elegant.

Skyscraper buildings with glass fronted offices are, naturally, a desirable space for many companies for many different reasons. They look aesthetically pleasing and impressive to potential customers, giving off the impression of a well-established company with a good image and prestige. We all know how much first impressions count for in business.

However, it’s not always viable to relocate your company to another building, which is why glass partitions are a great way to spruce up your office space without exceeding your budget. Unlike many other alternative partition systems, glazing can be designed just the way you want it.

Unique designs

With modern glass partitions and relevant technology, you can achieve many different looks with frosting or printing to add unique styling to your glazing. It’s a popular choice of many organisations to have their logos branded onto their partitions, for example. It looks smart while delivering a contemporary edge to the office space at the same time.

Natural light

Of course, one of the great benefits of glass partitions is the ability to make the most of natural lighting. Not many like to work in dull and dark environments. So, with the introduction of more glazing, you can transform your workspace into a brighter, more energetic place. You can only do so much with artificial lighting, after all.

Fire safety

When it comes to fire safety in the office, fire-rated glass partitions and doors can provide up to a maximum of 120 minutes protection from heat, flames and gas up to a temperature of 1600°F. Compare this to standard glazing which would shatter under temperatures of around 250°F, the difference is astounding.

Our glass partitions

Our glass partitioning systems are available with frameless, full-height glazing for a smooth and sleek finish. Alternatively, our solid aluminium frames provide a touch of contemporary boldness. No matter the design you require, we’ve designed, created and installed a great variety of glass partitions throughout the UK.

Our team have the capacity to supply and install our own demountable glazed partition systems, or work with trusted manufacturers including Optima, Radii, iwall, Lizzanno, Nordwall, Komfort, Fusion. So, whatever your glass partition needs are, we will have the solution for you.

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