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We use our intimate knowledge of firestopping methodology to provide occupants with more time for evacuation and minimise material damage. We do this by intelligently dividing a building into smaller areas, thereby restricting the spread of a fire.

Firestopping, often referred to as passive fire protection, is the name for a group of systems that compartmentalise a building via fire-resistant rated walls and floors.

In accordance with regulation and best practice, we create fire barrier systems from high-density rock wool and has a fire-resistant coating. These slabs fill cavitities between walls or ceilings and ensure that the fire cannot spread; they also have the added benefit of improving acoustic performance.

In addition, we supply and fit a range of fire stopping products for penetration sealing of other building features. These include collars and wraps that can be used on pipes that penetrate walls and floors.

Every second counts when it comes to slowing down the spread of fire and Firestopping – when installed alongside other passive fire protection such as firewalls – can inhibit the spread of fire for up to four hours.

Firestopping is an essential requirement in most commercial buildings – there is no point in having a fire-rated partition or compartment wall if the space is not correctly sealed, which can lead to the fire spreading and smoke and toxic gases escaping.

All Metropolitan fire stopping is documented and tracked. We give each firestopping installation its own unique label and reference, which is loaded onto a master database. This can be used to create reports and firestopping schedules, which can then be issued to our clients. We also provide before and after photos of any works we undertake and append these to our records.

Why choose us

As an already well-established M&E firm, all of our work is finished to the highest standards. We undertake third-party external auditing, which ensures our standards are maintained.

We also provide COSHH and data sheets for all of our products and systems. Fire stopping is an essential part of overall fire protection and our installers are trained and competent professionals who always deliver the highest standards of work. This is why our works are given a rating of up to four hours of fire protection.

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