Shutdown Management & Planning

Due to close relationships with a number of clients and providing site based engineers who gain an unrivalled understanding of the building infrastructure, we have often been asked to work with the incumbent maintenance contractor to plan and manage building shutdowns.

Building shutdowns are a nervous time for any client, but with our meticulous planning, programming and regular update strategy, we ensure the client is kept fully aware of the progress of any organised shutdown. We have perfected the planning of these shutdowns through our works in data suites and live buildings, ensuring that there are regular points within the programme that allow for reflection and review of progress. It is important that the client has opportunities to stop works quickly if the need should arise, and having these built in to the plan, have positive effects in ensuring that key work streams aren’t rushed and cause further risk into the client’s system.


Shutdown Planning


Stakeholder Engagement


4 Aug 2021

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