BMS & Energy Management

Following the successful creation of our Mechanical department in 2013, we decided to take a step further and offer our clients advice and consultancy on their BMS systems. With the amount of interface between the two services, it was a step we felt necessary.

We have found that the vast majority of clients do not understand the full potential of the systems at their disposal, and this often leaves them underused. We offer a comprehensive consultancy service, using in house engineers to review, understand and provide solutions to client systems. This could involve a simple change of settings to increase energy efficiency, standard service agreements or a full design for a system upgrade, incorporating any other systems the client may have.

We can provide advice on any system and will assist in selecting the correct installation team to do the works, providing full project management and witnessing on behalf of the client.


Energy Management


Design Consultancy


Technical Support


4 Aug 2021

Commercial Spaces

HMLR Lighting Replacement Project

15 Jun 2021

Data Centres

Toltec UPS Recommissioning

1 May 2021

Commercial Spaces

Trader Floor Pan Assembly Faults

30 Nov 2020

Commercial Spaces

Infrastructure Upgrade

31 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Riverbank House Lift Lobby Lighting

15 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Touchless Washroom

28 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Wembley Stadium LV Infrastructure

10 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Heating System Replacement

4 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Electrical Testing - Large Financial Client

2 Jul 2020

Commercial Spaces

AHU / VAV Overhaul

17 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Strip Out Works

14 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Porsche EV Supercharger