Data Centre Engineering

Metropolitan is a proven provider in the most critical locations, with some clients single sourcing our services in their data halls. A data centre is a unique environment that needs to be treated with care to minimise disruption and risk.

The most critical element of any data centre project is mitigating business risk by minimising unnecessary downtime, ensuring strictest confidentiality and maintaining the highest emphasis on H&S. All projects need to be collaborative to enable us to deliver these key elements, and with a vast number of stakeholders involved, it is key to ensure that everyone is fully versed in the works taking place on both a micro and macro level. Our experience has taught us to approach this in a number of ways, with programming, live updates and clear methodologies, amongst others.

The majority of our projects have been carried out in operational centres, which carry most risk for the end client, and we take great pride in being trusted within these environments by our client base.

We work for co-location data centres, as well as customers with their own infrastructure in the financial, commodities, media and healthcare sectors.


Data Centre Infrastructure Engineering


Data Suite Fit Out


Power Migration


4 Aug 2021

Commercial Spaces

HMLR Lighting Replacement Project

15 Jun 2021

Data Centres

Toltec UPS Recommissioning

1 May 2021

Commercial Spaces

Trader Floor Pan Assembly Faults

30 Nov 2020

Commercial Spaces

Infrastructure Upgrade

31 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Riverbank House Lift Lobby Lighting

15 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Touchless Washroom

28 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Wembley Stadium LV Infrastructure

10 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Heating System Replacement

4 Aug 2020

Commercial Spaces

Electrical Testing - Large Financial Client

2 Jul 2020

Commercial Spaces

AHU / VAV Overhaul

17 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Strip Out Works

14 Jun 2020

Commercial Spaces

Porsche EV Supercharger