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Lighting Control Systems

Our state-of-the-art lighting control systems enhance safety, security and comfort within commercial work spaces.

Metropolitan’s lighting control systems offer a range of sophisticated features to help transform your working environment. Our solutions can contribute to a happier and more productive workforce as well as improved efficiency and cost savings.

Safety and security

The right lighting can help protect your premises and enhance the safety of those working within them. Our solutions cover the whole range of commercial lighting needs, from ensuring correctly lit indoor environments to providing emergency lighting and integration with building security features such as alarm systems.

With sophisticated automation and the ability to customise according to your needs, Metropolitan’s lighting control systems are suited to all types of commercial buildings.

Increase productivity

As well as adding to comfort and convenience, creating an optimally lit environment can help increase workplace productivity. Spaces that are overly bright or too dim can make people feel uncomfortable and affect their ability to carry out their work efficiently and effectively. This is all too often the case, particularly in office environments.

The majority of commercial premises also fail to cater for individual lighting preferences, instead only allowing control over lighting for the whole or part of the space.

Metropolitan offers solutions to these issues by not only creating optimal lighting for spaces as a whole, but also allowing individuals to control their lighting within their own work area. Given this control, employees often choose to dim the lights, which has the knock-on effect of saving energy, as well as increasing productivity.

Energy and cost savings

With complete control over lighting to create productive and comfortable work spaces come increased energy efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and significant cost savings.

The ability to control lighting in unused spaces is associated with obvious energy and cost savings benefits. Dimming lights and generally using lighting less not only saves energy and increases the lifespan of lightbulbs but also reduces maintenance costs and lowers CO2 emissions from energy usage. Having total control over lighting also allows spaces to become more flexible, making them suitable for multiple uses without the need to spend money on reconfiguration.

We can offer a range of systems including Simmtronic lighting controls along with other suppliers.

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