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Busbar Installation

We provide a full, expert busbar installation service through our dedicated electrical services division.

Having the right busbar solution is crucial to the effectiveness of any electrical power system. Our dedicated team can help with all of your busbar needs, from advising on design to project management and installation. We always ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for our clients.

We provide a full installation service, offering input into the design, delivery & installation, covering the full range of options from 25Amp lighting busbar through to 4000 Amp distribution busbar.

Our installation teams are fully trained & certified and we have installed thousands of meters of busbar over recent projects, including systems in tier1 investment banks and datacentres.

All projects are complemented with full system testing & commissioning service, ready for client hand over. We always ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective solution is used for our clients.

We can install and or manage all aspects of work on the following systems:

  • Under Floor Data Hall Bus Bars
  • Overhead Data Hall Modular Systems
  • Cast Resin IP68 1000amp – 6000amp
  • Aluminum Cased IP55 250amp – 6300amp

De-energised Busbar Maintenance

We carry out periodic inspections for a wide range of clients. These inspections include, internal visual inspection of all junctions, torque setting checks of all junctions, alignment checks of the installation, Insulation resistance testing and Low Ohm Resistance Continuity testing. A full maintenance report is issued with every project.

Energised Preventative Maintenance Surveys

We are able to offer fully energised ultrasonic and thermal imaging and power quality analysis survey of most types of electrical switchgear and busbar systems. These surveys ensure that the electrical infrastructure is operating safely and reliably and will identify anomalies before they become serious and service-affecting. Surveys are carried out while the system remains energised and we are able to record and trend the information gathered to aid compliance, reliability and efficiency. Our clients use our detailed reports to prioritise and focus resources for de-energised maintenance for equipment that has shown signs of early failure or deterioration.

Testing and inspection

We offer our clients a full testing and inspecting service for all types of electrical busbar. This includes fault finding. Our experience enables us to offer expert advice on the best solution to limit the time a busbar system is out of service.

If you have a project requiring busbar installation, maintenance, testing or upgrade, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.