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BMS Services

A building management system (BMS) otherwise known as a building automation system (BAS) is a computer based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the buildings mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power, fire and security systems.

A typical BMS system consists of software and hardware, with the software providing a hierarchical structure, user interface and automation capabilities. The hardware provides monitoring and interfaces to the buildings key systems.

BMS systems are most commonly implemented in large projects with complex and extensive Electrical and Mechanical systems. A BMS system can also encompass disaster response mechanisms to provide an automated response to extreme environmental changes.

Metropolitan’s BMS team work in conjunction with a number of highly qualified service partners, offering expertise across a wide range of BMS platforms and associated software, hardware and controls.

Acting in an independent consultancy role, we can review compliance, troubleshoot technical issues and seek to resolve communication and process issues impacting on service delivery whilst establishing and maintaining service level agreements and key performance indicators.

Metropolitan BMS offer:

  • Building management system (BMS) review, replacement strategy, specification, tender and monitoring
  • Management and monitoring of service delivery and compliance
  • Strategic operational reviews and operational management consultancy
  • Day to day independent technical support
  • Engineering services condition surveys, life cycle planning and budgeting
  • Refurbishment and plant replacement projects: design, specification, tender and monitoring
  • Energy auditing and benchmarking
  • Operation and maintenance specifications
  • Research and implementation of smart buildings

Metropolitan is a forerunner in the Industry, from writing operational and maintenance specifications to procurement management, the delivery of projects, enhancement of life cycle, energy efficiency, advice or independent technical support; Metropolitan ensures attention to detail in every aspect.

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