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Replacement & upgrade of main LV switch panels

Telstra had planned a preventative maintenance works of their London Data Centre facility. In order to identify the necessary works needed to maintain the safe and reliable operation of the data centre, they commissioned Metropolitan to perform a Life Cycle Assessment of their HV/LV infrastructure.

The Metropolitan solution

The Life Cycle Assessment identified a large number of required works, including a number of wider considerations to assist the improvement of existing electrical systems.

The following LV panels were at the end, or near the end, of their respective economic life spans:

  • L1 and LVP1 (Blue System)
  • L2 (Pink System)
  • LVP2 (Green System)

Within this Project we successfully replaced Panel L2 with a view to Replace L1/LVP1 & LVP2 in due course.

The panels were also utilising obsolete components – a potential money pit in relation to response times and replacement works should these systems fail.

Following the approval to replace Panel L2, Metropolitan’s electrical team had to carefully plan the works due to the critical nature of panel in question and the space available to install an additional Panel to allow the Transfer of loads from the old L2 to the new L2 Panel.

This included any required isolations of electrical supply where necessary in order to maintain safety protocols and to reduce any potential impact on the continuous operations of the tenant’s equipment. However, the intent was to install the new Panel prior to any supply isolation or diversion of existing Services

The following works were undertaking during the planning and design stage:

  • Detailed survey of installation
  • Logistics assessment
  • Shut down and impact assessment appraisal
  • Amtech modelling of the system from supply transformer through to principle sub-main panels based on actual site characteristics
  • Discrimination study on system devices
  • Recommended improvements scope of works for submission to the client for review and potential inclusion into existing works
  • Detailed design drawings of proposed layout
  • Panel drawing development and quotations
  • Production of detailed scope of works detailing each step in the implementation process

Metropolitan engaged Anord Mardix who assisted with the design of the new bespoke panel – from a new design, eliminating existing cable protection issues, to allowing for discrimination of protective devices. Additionally, panel L2 main supply breaker and frame size was increased, and the internal systems were future-proofed for any potential capacity improvement. The design also incorporated new intelligent metering to each of the panels and outgoing circuits.

The new L2 panel was successfully installed in tandem with the existing that was to be replaced. This was achieved through careful planning, bespoke design and extending the generator plantroom adjoining the main LV switch room. This showcased Metropolitan’s high-quality due diligence work through the Life Cycle Assessment system and the electrical team’s timely replacement works consequently.