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Pump Bearing Change

Metropolitan Services was asked by CBRE to carry out a seal replacement on a chilled water pump at the Hayes data center; due to a leak. The chilled water pump is a critical part of modern data center cooling systems and so required immediate attention.

On completion of the works, it was highlighted that the bearings on the water pump were also failing. As a result, MES instructed a Vibration Analysis specialist to complete a comprehensive inspection on-site for confirmation.

Once confirmed, CBRE instructed MES to replace the pump bearings. Our own pump specialist, Armstrong, attended the site in late July — providing RAMS, PPE and heavy lifting equipment to complete the work.

MES and Armstrong signed the RAMS and Permits to work before transporting the necessary tools to the work area. Adhering to proper health and safety principles, CBRE confirmed the pump was mechanically and electrically dead before the works commenced.

The following works took place:

  1. In preparation to lift out the water pump, equipment was attached to the 1000kg lifting beam situated above the pump. This was done using two block and tackle systems and strops.
  2. The inverter, once proven dead by CBRE, was unwired and lifted off the front of the pump (see photo).
  3. The mechanical coupler connecting the motor shaft and impeller shaft was removed and inspected.
  4. All bolts connecting the pump to the motor were loosened and removed from the pump head; ready for the motor to be lifted.
  5. The motor was lifted, safely, using the two block & tackle systems and strops through eye bolts. This was done in order to manage the direction of the pump being lowered safely between the two chilled water pump bodies. The motor was lowered carefully onto a pallet protecting the pump motor from the floor (see photo).
  6. Once the pump was on the pallet, it’s casing was removed to allow access to both top and bottom bearings.
  7. We demonstrated to both Tony Mitchinson and Ben Morris the poor condition of the old bearings in position on the motor shaft.
  8. Both top and bottom bearings removed using a bearing puller (see photo).
  9. The existing motor shaft was cleaned and prepared for new bearing installation.
  10. The new bearings were heated to exactly 116 degrees. This was done in order to expand each bearing’s inner ring, allowing it to slip over the motor shaft; ready to cool and set into place held by a circlip.
  11. With the bearings now cool, they were loaded with the exact grease CBRE are using during PPM’s to save contamination.
  12. The pump was lifted back into place, all bolts were tightened and the inverter was placed back onto the front of the pump. CBRE reinstated the power and changed the pumps over on the BMS.
  13. The pump was left to run overnight and observed by CBRE every hour until 7 am.

The project was completed on time and to budget, with minimal disruption to the main contractor and end client.

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