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Mechanical - 15 Colmore Road

The building benefited by updating the existing services to embrace current efficiencies and better economical operation to provide a modern and more flexible approach to the air distribution.

The Air Handling Unit, which provides tempered air to fan coil units, has been replaced with a combined supply and extract unit which incorporates a recuperator recovering waste energy from the extract and channels this energy into the supply air lowering running costs.

The Roof mounted air handling unit was provided with a service gantry to allow access to all components for maintenance. In view of time constraints, the gantry and piped services were manufactured off-site to form an integrated module, allowing what would normally be weeks of on-site installation to be carried out over 1 weekend. The existing equipment was removed and the Roof mounted Air Handling Unit, re-positioned Condensers and Gantry installed over one weekend without any interruption to the Clients business.

All secondary ductwork services were replaced to provide a contemporary ceiling layout which provides a more flexible approach to any future reconfiguration of the office layout. Washrooms have been provided with updated sanitary ware and fittings.