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L12 DB Replacement Works

Metropolitan were employed to carry out distribution board replacement works as a part of the new L12 refurbishment project.

The Metropolitan solution

Metropolitan deployed two electrical engineers to supervise staff members from the ICW, who carried out the works. We closely surveyed the relevant distribution boards, concluding that 8 needed to be replaced in total — 4 in the north side electrical riser and 4 in the south side electrical riser.

In each distribution board interior, the existing Crabtree pan assembly was replaced with a brand-new Schneider pan assembly, along with circuit upgrades to residual current circuit breakers with over-current protection (RCBOs). The updated circuit break ensures injury prevention from serious electrical shock.

Safety precaution was paramount during this works: each distribution board inspection and subsequent testing was performed by Metropolitan’s highly-qualified engineers. What’s more, all lives were disconnected from the internal miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) within the distribution board and tied neatly out of the way so the pan assembly could be easily replaced. Metropolitan’s engineers ensure best-practice health and safety measure throughout the replacement works.

The existing earth and neutral bars were re-used as they met electrical regulatory standards and, once replaced, all lives were terminated back into the correct MCBs and RCBOs.