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Huddle Meeting Area Screens

The client required a ‘huddle room’ installation within the middle of an office floor — designed to allow staff members to use an accessible meeting space for efficient project updates and catch ups.

The requirements put forward by the client needed a certain level of design ingenuity on Metropolitan’s part. The space had to be accessible, allowing staff to use the space quickly and effectively, but it also needed to remain somewhat private.

Metropolitan had 3 weeks to complete the project, and it began through organised departmental coordination, computer-assisted design (CAD) drawings, and FSC Tulipwood procurement. This allowed Metropolitan to quickly turn around an agreed design with the client.

The majority of the construction was done in Metropolitan’s in-house Joinery department, meaning there was minimal disturbance to the client throughout the works. This also allowed for a smooth and easy installation for the Joinery department.

In order to meet the dual needs of accessibility and privacy, Metropolitan positioned white boards at a usable height across the middle of the huddle space, with transparent screens above. This not only allowed the client to use the space in multiple ways (from one-to-one catch ups to visual creative sessions) but the boards and screens added an acoustic value designed to reduce external sound. The white boards also acted as a visual barrier for meetings, further supporting privacy.

During the onsite installation process, Metropolitan’s electrical and fabric departments were deployed to decommission and relocate power, and to make relevant carpet alterations to accommodate the huddle space. The screens themselves, fitted using the FSC Tulipwood, were constructed with fixing and fixtures placed in considered positions. This meant they were either concealed or had minimal visual impact.