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UPS Load Migration

One of the world’s largest IBX data centre and colocation provider, entrusted Metropolitan Services to deliver a UPS load migration that was critical to the business’ evolving requirements. We successfully carried out this work at the business’ Harbour Exchange premises in London’s Canary Wharf.

The Metropolitan solution

The project required our specialist team to convert existing toilets, on levels 1 to 4 of two buildings, into new switch rooms to house UPS output switchboards.

We installed new 4000A busbar trunking from the main UPS output switchboard in the lower ground floor to the new output switchboards on level 1. The new busbars connect on to existing busbar ends (installed under a previous project) at a high level in the upper ground floor switch room.

Our team then routed out of the switch room and up to the new output switchboard on level 1 via the existing toilet extract riser.

This relocation required our operatives to install a new secondary steelwork to support the new busbar trunking and sub-mains cables from the point of connection to the new switch boards. They then dealt with the strip-out, safe removal and safe disposal of the redundant equipment (located in the existing toilets).

Further to installing new cabling and containment systems, we also carried out modifications to the existing lighting installation, fire alarm smoke detection, public address and water-mist fire suppression systems, as well as installing a TTK leak detection system.

On completion of the installation works, our team demonstrated the operation of the new systems and equipment to the client and trained the maintenance team including an agreed maintenance schedule.

The team also carried out installation testing and commissioning of the new Mardix distribution switchgear and equipment that serves the new UPS output switch rooms, plus associated apparatus.