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Critical Power Services - Life Safety Replacement Project

Having worked for our London Based Clients for 18 years and our client commitment and policy of exceeding expectations is well known to them. It was for these reasons

we were placed on the tender list for this important and prestigious £2.5m contract, which found us pitched against some of the biggest and best Electrical Contractors in the country.

 We were appointed as principle contractor in March 2014 and faced the task of replacing all 80 life safety circuits including relocating and re-terminating 240mm² single core MICC cables and all the associated switchgear.

This was a difficult task to accomplish in 12 weeks with the added complication that the building needed to be fully operational every Monday morning. This entailed detailed planning and scheduling which was carried out by our team as well as the design of bespoke switchgear in conjunction with the consultants Norman Disney Young and Mardix Switchgear.

 All the technical and logistical problems thrown up by replacing so much switchgear and re-running and re-terminating such large MICC cables was carried out in a ‘live’ building without once failing to have power available to staff each Monday.

 This difficult project was carried out on programme and within budget.