15 Oct 2020

Commercial Spaces

Touchless Washroom
  • Location

    Canary Wharf

  • Value


  • Duration

    16 Weeks


  • For social distancing purposes existing urinals and sinks were disconnected and a temporary bespoke Perspex surround installed.
  • New 14 way distribution boards have been installed to serve as a dedicated source of supply for the touchless equipment.
  • All entry and exit doors to the washrooms had new Dorma automatic door closers installed supplied by new 4mm radial circuits cabled form a newly installed 14 way distribution board dedicated to the touchless washrooms project.
  • Touchless hand sensors fitted and linked to the automatic door closers.
  • All the remaining sinks were fitted with a touchless Dolphin tap with all connections situated below.
  • All the remaining sinks were fitted with a compatible touchless soap dispenser with all connections situated below.
  • New 4mm radial circuits were installed under the sinks presented as metal clad RCD protected double socket outlets to supply the touchless taps and soap dispensers.
  • Each of the existing WC flushes were replaced with new touchless sensors supplied by new 4mm radial circuits. The cabling has been clipped direct to the wall in behind the toilets, with new metal clad RCD protected spurs installed to supply the touchless flushes.
  • The existing fixed marble panelling under the existing sinks was replaced for a new accessible laminated panel which could be removed and replaced for maintenance purposes.
  • All WC cubicle doors had a purehold hygienic push plate fitted to the outside which provides 1 year of use on average before replacement by the in house maintenance team.
  • Following completion of the project works, the existing ceiling was painted white to provide a fresh look..
  • The programme duration for each floor of the washrooms was 2 weeks and all works carried out without any Client disruption