30 Nov 2020

Commercial Spaces

Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Value:


  • Location:

    Canary Wharf

  • Duration:

    3 years


Whilst carrying out upgrade works to the ‘BAU’ equipment and plant, Metropolitan's work was primarily to support the ISG fit out construction phase, ensuring that all milestones within their programme were met. Added to this challenge, was the discovery that all the existing Schneider Rising Busbars [XL Range] were no longer available, and when tap off units were removed, the existing mouldings were damaged and therefore unable to be re-used.

This required a new design approach, which resulted in Anord Mardix creating new tap off units out of what could be salvaged from the existing units. The existing tap offs were removed during planned shutdowns and migrations so that they could be reinstalled to critical equipment at set milestones. This discovery also required new LV switch panels to be designed, manufactured, delivered, cabled and commissioned all in line with the fit-out construction programme.