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Case study - Tesla Chargers

One of the world’s largest multinational investment bank and financial services corporations, required Tesla car charging points to be installed at its premises in London’s Canary Wharf. Metropolitan Services brought its electrical installation expertise to provide the solution.

The Metropolitan Solution

We deployed a specialist team to install four Tesla charging points assigned to designated electric vehicle parking spaces in the car park of our client.

The specifics of the site and equipment to be installed meant that this job went beyond the scope of standard electric vehicle charger installation requirements.

Firstly, limitations in the number of distribution ways. due to new circuit breakers being unavailable, meant that we needed set up the charging units on a load-sharing basis. As a result, the units can charge up to four vehicles off one electrical supply.

Secondly, to comply with the IEE wiring regulations, we ensured residual current circuit breaker (RCBO) protection of outgoing circuits at the new vehicle charging distribution boards . this was required because, unlike many popular electric vehicle chargers on the market today, Tesla chargers do not come with their own built-in protection.

After installing the charging units, our team resurfaced the vehicle bays and included new logos to clearly identify the spaces as being designated for electric vehicles.

We completed all works during normal working hours. To ensure our client experienced no business disruption, we also kept all access roads within the car park and all car parking spaces open throughout the duration of this one-week project