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Busbar Replacement

Metropolitan were employed to survey a water-damaged Busbar for an elite-level client. At the start of the works, the damaged Bus Bar had zero impact on the running of the client’s business due to additional resilience. However, as Metropolitan was conducting the initial proposal, another Busbar blew. This left the client with only 1 UPS back-up system. During this 10-week replacement works, a third Busbar blew in a separate section.

The Metropolitan solution

Because there was a third Busbar blow-out, and as the current Busbars were no longer covered by warranty due to water ingress outside of normal operating parameters, we concluded that the future integrity of the system would be better served with a total new replacement works. This would ensure the system would again be covered under our standard warranty.

In order to quickly replace the first two Busbar issues, Metropolitan engaged Anord Mardix to support the works. As a consequence of the damaged Bus Bars, 2 ACBs also failed. We quickly repaired these, and service & maintenance was also carried out on both BP 1 & 2 panels as the Busbars were discontinued and phased installation commenced.

Anord Mardix replaced the third Busbar – adding extra resilience – alongside our installation of the first two Bus Bar replacements.

Upon completion of the replacements, we validated the new Busbars so that there are critical spares for future use.

Here is a rundown of the total works:

  • Protection for batteries in the Battery room and associated Switch Panels/UPS rooms
  • Removal of existing fire protection
  • Scaffold erected around the batteries to enable removal and installation works
  • Replacement of BB/BP5 & BB/BP6 4000A systems as well as the section replacement on BB/BP4
  • 2 electrical shutdowns
  • Additional trapeze bracket installation for the new Busbars
  • Split BB/BP1 & Ductor test back to Panel BP1
  • Fire proofing works for Switch rooms and Slab penetrations
  • Labelling of equipment
  • Removal of protection and scaffolding
  • Testing & Certification

Overall, the client was extremely happy with our works. We cemented the relationship and are looking forward to supporting them further moving forward.