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BP Bus Bar 2

Project background

Metropolitan’s electrical team were called upon to investigate and resolve the serious issue of water-damaged busbars that had interrupted the power supply to a client’s premises and caused the closure of two trading floors.

The Metropolitan solution

Our expert electrical engineers immediately set to work on rectifying problems with two busbars and safely restored power to the building without the need for electrical shutdown. This work was completed and power restored within just eight hours, thereby minimizing the severity of disruption to the client’s business operations.

On discovering another busbar had been affected by water damage, we engaged Anord Mardix to partner with us and set to work putting a proposal together to replace the busbar with IP 68 cast resin systems.

Due to the critical environment and the reduced resilience of the building, we had to significantly improve on the standard delivery time for the replacement busbar. This meant the manufacturing duration had to be slashed from the usual eight weeks to just four.

Throughout the full scope of this job, we carried out a number of crucial tasks that included the following:

  • Providing protection for the batteries in the battery rooms and associated switch panels and UPS room
  • Testing BB/BP5 and BB/BP6 to locate faulty sections of the new Mardix busbar
  • Removing the existing fire protection
  • Erecting scaffold around the batteries to enable busbar removal and installation works
  • Replacing BB/BP4 and BB/BP7 4000A systems as well as the section replacement on BB/BP5 and BB/BP6 with resin type IP-rated busbars
  • Installing additional trapeze brackets for the new busbars
  • Carrying out ductor testing on BB/BP4 and BB/BP7 back to panels BP1 and BP2
  • Providing fire proofing works for the switch room, UPS 1 and 2 battery room and slab penetrations
  • Building a new fire wall in UPS 2 battery room
  • Labelling all equipment
  • Removing protection and scaffold
  • Testing, certification and TEGG works

Our strategic and quick-thinking approach meant that we restored full resilience to the building within nine weeks – a significantly faster turnaround than usual for this type of project.

Following the successful conclusion of the works, our client was extremely complimentary of our efforts:

“I would like to personally thank you and your complete team for the tremendous effort that you have all put into to support our client. The manner in which you responded on that first day to get a team on site to restore critical power within eight hours of the failure was amazing. The follow up to get Anrod Mardix on board to turbo charge the manufacture and delivery of the new IP rated busbar and restore full resilience to our building within nine weeks again showed great commitment and support.”