Work Experience - Abbie

Metropolitan have a history of taking on enthusiastic students looking for school work experience and Abbie Bee, related to a member of staff in the Fabric department, was another exceptional example. She was with us for 1 week at our Cannons Workshops location in central London.

During the week’s work experience, Abbie visited a number of different Client Projects in order to familiarise herself with what we do at Metropolitan. Following this, we asked Abbie to work through various administrative, financial and project programming tasks. This gave her the opportunity to see what work at Metropolitan is really like. The good news: she loved it.

We’re happy to say that Abbie efficiently worked through:

  • Raising supplier / sub-contractor purchase orders
  • Checking and matching invoices to purchase orders
  • Site visits to see project works
  • Creating cost trackers with ‘VLOOKUP’ formulas
  • Creating bar and pie charts to present client-specific information to senior management
  • Creating a programme of works for projects

She even developed a basic Microsoft programme without any assistance; IT education seems to be in a good place!

A word from Abbie on her time with us:

“I have enjoyed my time here over the past week. Everyone was very welcoming as soon as I first walked in. Over the past 5 days, I have had a great time getting an insight into the world of work and have received great help from everyone here. I had useful information given to me and help to do the work that I was set, keeping me busy all the time and challenging me and to see what it would be like to work here.”

We certainly enjoyed having Abbie work with us and we hope the experience she’s gained will set her in good stead no matter her chosen career path. Who knows, we may even see her back at Metropolitan or see her become a client of ours!

In any case, we wish Abbie all the best for the rest of her education and whatever the future may bring for her.