Metropolitan Services is now FIRAS Certified!

FIRAS is a third party certification scheme for installers of both passive and active fire protection systems. FIRAS was set up in 1994 and Certification has been instrumental in improving standards of fire protection product installation.

As part of being FIRAS certified, companies are required to employ, on a permanent or contract basis, competent operators. The competence of these operators is assessed by FIRAS Inspectors in the specific trade disciplines for which the certification is held.

A register of competent employees is maintained for each certified company, which is regularly reviewed to ensure that a competent workforce is maintained by the company, whose abilities remain current with the workscope the company provides.

FIRAS Certificated Installer Companies are subject to ongoing random inspections of installation works. There is also an annual audit of their records and management systems by FIRAS Inspectors, to ensure that compliance is maintained.

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